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UEETEK Cat Scratcher Sisal Cat Scratch Pad Toy Wall Mounted Scratching Posts

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REGULAR SCRATCHING---Handing Cat Scratcher attracts your cat to stretch up and claw at the top of it daily,keep your furry friends busy and entertained to have a good scratching habits.
FURNITURE PROTECTOR---Cat scratch cardboard provide a right place to satisfy cats' natural scratching needs to train them away from your beloved furniture ,belongings ,door or wall.
EASY INSTALLING---Mount and fix cat scratch post to wall or corner by 2 screws for space saver,at the same ,it is easy to remove.You could attach it to anyplace where you like.
MODERN DESIGN---Wood nature color and smart design match any home decoration flawlessly which you will never have to hide it behind if your guests come to visit you.
STUDRY CONSTRUCTION---Made of sisal fiber which is cat's love, strong enough to bear cat’s sharp claws.Cat scratch pad measures 9.8〃×3.9〃×17.3〃perfect for small and medium cats.

  1. Product Details

    UEETEK Cat Wall Mounted Cat Scratcher Cardboard

    Wall Mounted
    Flat Cat Scratching Post could be adhered to wall or any corner,easy to insatll and remove,it would not take place of your home.

    Cats Love it
    Sisal Cat Scratcher Cardboard attracts cats to release their scratching desire,cats will enjoy it every day at a best place.

    Keep Healthy
    Cat Scratch Pad is handing on wall,cat must stretch up thier body to put claw at the top of it ,it excise and train them to be slim and active.

    Save your home
    Fix UEETEK Cat Scratcher to any place where cats enjoy playing or eating, day after day,they will remember to use it at these places, rather than damadging your furniture or home belongings.

    Best Choice
    Cat Scratcher Mat fits for small and medium cats,it is portable but durable use.Natural wood color blend into your modern or vintage home decoration.

    -Material: Sisal Fibre
    -It is made from sisal fibre which is sturdy and non-toxic. Durable and safe, never harm cat paws.
    -Easy to attract cat's attention and keep your kitty entertained for hours.
    - It provides a healthy outlet for your cat's natural hunting instinct. Avoid your cat to damage your valuable furniture.
    - Practical and great value cat kitten toy, a good choice for your cat.

    Package List:
    1 x UEETEK Pet Scratch Pad

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